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Im-Wellness IV Therapy

Embark on a transformative wellness journey. Our Intravenous Therapy offers a holistic approach to enhance your well-being. Rejuvenate and revitalize with expertly crafted IV therapies, tailored to your unique needs.

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Mental Wellness

About Us

At Insight Mental Wellness in San Antonio, Texas, USA, we offer a diverse range of mental health services, including medication management, evaluations, and innovative treatments like rTMS and Spravato. Committed to collaborative and personalized care, our expert team supports individuals facing various mental health challenges, guiding them towards recovery and stability. Tailoring treatment plans to each patient’s unique needs, personal goals, and cognitive processes, we also provide referrals for holistic support, connecting you with psychotherapy, nutritionists, life coaches, and fitness coaches. Experience comprehensive mental wellness in San Antonio, Texas, with our dedicated team.

Meet the Providers

Dr. Gloria Tolani

Dr. Gloria Tolani

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse

A board-certified PMHNP-BC, with an MSN and DNP from the University of South Alabama, specializes in collaborative patient care for mental health. Passion for psychiatry dates back to her 2012 nursing debut.

Dr. Dorcas Adepoju

Dr. Dorcas Adepoju


A board-certified psychiatrist. She currently act as a supervising physician at the clinic, according to the Texas state medical board regulation. She does not visit with any patients at the clinic. She believes in and practices whole person care.

Lydia Kimeli

Lydia Kimeli

Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse

A board-certified PMHNP with an MSN from Walden University, prioritizes personalized patient care and minimal disruption in treatment while emphasizing understanding over directives.

Dr. Robin Siota-Breeding

Dr. Robin Siota-Breeding

Clinical psychologist (Psy.D.)

A Psy.D. clinical psychologist with 20+ years of experience from Western American University (1997), specializing in emotional and behavioral disorders, SMI, and personality disorders. She uses active listening, assessments, and offers empathetic guidance in therapy.


These are the preparations and processes to take into consideration before booking an appointment for our services.

Patients Records
  1. Past mental health/medical histories

  2. Contact information for your doctor, therapist, pharmacy.

  3. Form of ID, driver license, and Insurance ID.

Psychological evaluation
  1. Psychological testing

  2. ADHD testing and diagnosis.

  3. Independent Educational Evaluations.

  4. Adult Diagnostic Clarification.

  5. Pre-operative evaluations : If you are needing a pre-operative psychological evaluation for bariatric, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or spinal cord stimulator surgery- we provide the interview, testing, scoring, writing, behavioral recommendations, and feedback session


Medication management
  1. This is a group practice. Your sessions may be conducted by any of our compassionate and competent providers.

  2. Your treatment plan will be reviewed and addressed at each visit.

  3. Have all current prescriptions to include over the counter medication and prescription bottles ready during your visit.

  4. All Medications are evaluated and Prescribed after careful review by your provider. If you are taking ‘Controlled Medications’, there may not be prescriptions issued on your Initial Evaluation/Visit. Your provider will access and make medication recommendations according to the medical decision Process and clinic Policy.

  5. Arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your appointment

  6. Complete all paperwork needed for your visit on the patient portal or before coming in.

Telepsychiatry Session
  1. Review all information complete, and submit all required documents
  2. Test your electronic system for sound and video

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